Date of Submission

Spring 2014

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Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing; Biology

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Michael Tibbetts

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The loss of hair cells is a major contributing factor to age related hearing loss (Roland et al, 1997). Danio rerio has emerged as a powerful model to study hearing loss because of the ease of manipulation and regenerative properties of their hair cells (Whitfield, 2002). Cadherin, a membrane protein involved in cell-cell adhesion and signaling, has been shown to be involved in hair cell morphology, development, and function (Halbleib and Nelson, 2006). This study shows the role of protocadherin10 (pcdh10), a gene identified in hair cell subtracted transcriptome database, in the number of hair cells, and distribution and number of neuromasts on the posterior lateral line, a secondary sensory organ in zebrafish (McDermott et al, 2007). Knockdown of protocadherin10 shows a reduced number of neuromasts in the trunk of zebrafish and an increase in neuromasts in the tail region, but has no effect on the hair cell number. These results suggest the potential role of pcdh10 in signaling for proneuromasts, the precursory cells for neuromasts, to develop into neuromasts.

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