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Spring 2014

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Project Advisor 1

Jean Churchill

Abstract/Artist's Statement

An Artist Statement: An Evolving Manifesto

-I seek to create movement that lives in the liminal space, movement that bleeds across the boundaries of codified techniques. My love of Hip Hop music, dance, and culture is the foundation of my movement language, and my vocabulary grows as I continue my contemporary dance education, experimenting with what it means to be a fully expressive being, to consume and grow across dance sub-genres with physical eloquence. Through the pathways of the unhinged body, I offer the pre-verbal, the quintessential life force, the freeing of the imagination, that elusive entity that transports you into the larger collective.

Speak with primordial text

-Speaking the language of dance is volcanic, and its eruption in the human community is fundamentally fused with the dynamics of personal and global relationships; navigating the anatomical negotiation of the human body, and the ideological negotiation of the community body. This community, this body politic, is vital. It comes from the communal character of Hip Hop. It comes from the strength of inclusive/empowering ideas, and it comes from the body itself as the first site of political negotiation. My work is inescapably political.

Dance is an inherently communal act.

-I use my art to digest and re-contextualize polarizing political identities, as well as to confront the injustice of tangible political legislation. I make to protest and to celebrate. I make to lament and expose inequality. I make to cultivate and nurture human excellence.

Artistic production as insurgent action

-Sam Asa Pratt

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