Date of Submission

Spring 2014

Academic Programs and Concentrations


Project Advisor 1

Tim Davis

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Each of us grows to become a mosaic made up of the people, places, and things we surround ourselves with in our lives, shaping our realities. We can understand and see the same things to an extent, but we can never experience in the exact same way as another person. Life is presented to us through multi-faceted lenses that we’ve all built from our individual human emotions and experiences, our failures and accomplishments. These are the things that establish our subjective realities.

Do we grow old only because we stop making connections with new things? We become so comfortable with our surroundings and understanding of our world, slowly leaving little room for further connections to be made. What if we then break these pre-existing connections and create new ones? To do this, we must first see the things we have become comfortable with through new lenses.

We connect the objects we encounter with past experiences, environments, and people. We think we know the world, we feel it is familiar. These photographs invite the viewer to address these preconceived notions and create distance from these realities.

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