Date of Submission

Spring 2014

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Film and Electronic Arts

Project Advisor 1

Ben Coonley

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Alix Diaconis

The Story of Rachel and Elias (or Artist Statement)

May 2014

Fruiture is a short narrative video about Elias and Rachel.

Elias is an emotionally detached professional sperm donor. Rachel is Elias’ sister who recently suffered a stillbirth.

Rachel and Elias’ upbringing is the most interesting thing about their relationship, and the reason why I made a film about them. Siblings, no matter how different, typically share something that no one knows as well as they do.


Rachel and Elias’ mother left them when they were young. Rachel and their father raised Elias, who was a loving and sweet boy. However, Elias became emotionally detached due to his father’s increasing influence, as might happen in light of an absent mother. Rachel and Elias’ shared upbringing manifested in different urges to have children. Rachel wants a child of her own to love and raise. Elias wants to be desired for his specimen, which is in the top 2% of the population.


My older brother is Elias and my cousin is Rachel. That is to say: my older brother plays the role of Elias, and, also, was a large influence on the character of Elias. Rachel is a mixture of an older version of myself, my aunt who has had miscarriages, and my older stepsister who is sick with two young children.


The home videos and memories throughout Fruiture is footage I took of my younger brother and me. I stand in for Rachel, whose older self it played by my cousin (playing me), and my younger brother stands in for Elias, whose older self is played by my older brother. When asked why I made a movie about a sperm donor, I cannot answer without giving away my childhood, including some of the darker parts.

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