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Spring 2014

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Frank Scalzo

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Nootropics are cognition-enhancing compounds, whose use has both clinical and supplemental potential. One such compound, phenylpiracetam, has been shown to ameliorate deficits resulting from disease and trauma as well as improve cognition in healthy individuals. Despite numerous investigations into its mechanistic action, ambiguity persists and is thus suggestive of the need for a new mode of inquiry. The present study seeks to validate a novel animal model for nootropic research; larval Danio rerio are growing in popularity as a model organism for the testing of psychotropic compounds, and were evaluated for behavioral congruency with existing rodent models. Treatment with phenylpiracetam was found to increase the locomotor activity of 7 d.p.f. (days post fertilization) larval zebrafish at doses of 10 μg (n = 14) and 15 μg (n = 14). Such behavior is suggestive of stimulation, a consistently reported effect in the extant literature. Thus, the findings presented support the further development of this novel model for nootropic research.

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