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Spring 2014

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Stephen Shore

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David Bush

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I perceive my mother as the epitome of perfection. I do not want to lose her. I think that I am her and this is my attempt to know her and show her through me. She is strong, she is beautiful, she is ruthless. Yet, it is impossible sometimes for me to unravel her and truly grasp her. I present her in order to exhibit such pristine qualities, in an effort to make her faultless. She appears flawless in a utopian life and yet there is so much more to her, and so many more layers to gather. Through my constant efforts to discover her and discover who she really is I have realized that it is my own physical wanting that I present her in such a fashion. I don’t want her to change or to appear different from the mold she herself has established. She is my mother and her respective troubles and past have sculpted her into the beauty that she is. This is my attempt to preserve her and to hold on. Her presence is unique and strong, it is not faltered or influenced by anything or anyone else.

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