Date of Submission

Spring 2013

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Peggy Florin

Abstract/Artist's Statement

My own philosophy on pointe work in dance is that it should be used when and if a choreographer should choose to use it, however and on whomever the choreographer should choose as long as that dancer, male or female, is willing. Pointe is a powerful tool that allows the dancer to exceed the natural extensions of the body. This tool can be used in all kinds of dance where that purpose is deemed useful or interesting. Furthermore, it is important to note that the stereotypes of the male and female dancer, while useful as information in choreography, are not set in stone. A female dancer on pointe is not always a fairy or waif. She can also be strong and powerful. Similarly, a man who puts on pointe shoes is not necessarily made effeminate by their addition, despite their history, nor is he necessarily strong and powerful, dictated by the added extremity of height. Rather, the man can be as soft as a ballerina was once expected to be or as strong and tall as a giant while on pointe. This project is my beginning in what will be a long exploration of the numerous feelings that dancing on pointe can communicate. The future of this art form is now being tested and the promise of what it will become is immense. That is the pointe.

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