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Spring 2013

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Chiori Miyagawa

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Glass Ceiling

This year I wrote a play. Due to scheduling difficulties my senior project was moved up to February. I wrote a play trying to come to terms with the fact that I am a woman graduating college about to go into the work force. With these stresses on my possible future certain questions came to mind. Am I going to be successful? Will I be happy romantically? Do I even want to work or be in a relationship? Then I thought about the fact that there will come a time in my life when I might have to choose between a relationship or having a career. I thought to myself why there seems to be this stigma that a woman cannot do all. I wrote a play about a woman who goes through the same problem trying to juggle her career as well as make her girlfriend feel wanted. Cat, the main character, is then faced with a boss who seems to not even know what human interactions are like. My play was a comedy. The first comedy I have ever written, and this challenged me quite a bit. I had no idea what actually went into writing a comedy and how impeccable the timing has to be. It was challenging but rewarding. Thank you Bard for giving me this chance because it was extremely bittersweet in knowing that this was my first full length play I wrote for Bard, and that me and two others are the last people graduating from the Playwriting division. Thank you.

Cara Chalk

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