Date of Submission

Spring 2013

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Joe Santore

Abstract/Artist's Statement

As with anybody, I am not a singular self but one constructed of ever-shifting parts. This constant state of flux is expressed in the play of paint and canvas, lending the act a seriousness wherein images and ideas emerge and co-exist. I do not know what will happen in advance and finish at the same speed that I start so that there is no precious moment. The object is always in a state of transformation. A story or specific narrative is secondary to the need to leave a trace. At times, the image is completely external from me. My work is impulsive, instinctual, and not based on an idea but rather the performance of an idea. I do not know what lies in the center but feel that I am consistently and insufficiently circling around it. It is an on-going conversation and dispute with myself, a vision of a single human being split into many pieces.

There is a moment where images shift from the abstract to something more recognizable. This has nothing to do with the generosity of seeing but rather the inability to stop ourselves from projecting meaning onto what we see. This is a way of making sense of the world. I am more interested in instability and the state of flux, where abstract shapes and lines don’t always exist on a plane that is clearly identified by the observer. It is unclear whether the space remains in a state of turmoil, whether clarity becomes chaotic, or whether this state of chaos will eventually become lucid, or tranquil.

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