Date of Submission

Spring 2013

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Jeffrey Gibson

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The focus of my project is to demonstrate my evolution from 2D canvas to individual 3D sculptural elements defined in a space and creating a narrative.

In the process of making my sculptures, I introduced myself to new materials and new methods. There was much trial and error in the development of the forms and it was a learning experience to execute it according to my “over the top” aesthetic. One of my goals was to learn how to edit my work in a thoughtful manner.

The installation conveys the story of the worldwide decaying monetary system. The separation of the spaces serves as a separation of reality and how many people are focused on the frivolous while willfully ignoring the coming calamity that our politicians of the new aristocracy have brought upon us. The message is carried into a worldwide discussion of governments and economics because it is not just US based. The piece explores the question: which is more important – Beyonce and Jay Zee or the worldwide failure of Keynesian economic policies? Are we in the midst of another “Bread and Circuses” moment that preceded the fall of Rome?

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