Date of Submission

Spring 2013

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Project Advisor 1

Christopher LaFratta

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Direct laser writing has, of late, become a widely popular technique for the

fabrication of microstructures, and in certain circumstances being preferred to

standard lithography techniques due to its dynamic nature in allowing for structure

formation without intermediate steps. In this field, a strong emphasis is placed on

multi-photon polymerisation, which allows for incredible feature precision. Singlephoton

polymerisation has begun to emerge, however, as a significantly less

expensive, and thus more accessible, alternative. One limiting factor to this

system, however, is its spatial indiscrimination in polymerisation, as reaction

initiation needs no more than one photon, and is thus not limited to high photon

population areas. Stemming from this complication, aside from a higher limit on

feature size due to focal limitations, is a phenomenon we have named the memory

effect. Though, in a single-photon system, significant polymerisation limits itself to

within a permissible range around the focal point to be able to form structures

below single micrometer dimensions, non-hardening oligomerisation seems to

occur in the outlier regions of the gaussian beam. This leads to increased

subsequent polymerisation in affected areas, enlarging neighbouring structures.

Our study sets out to define this effect and variables that may play a role in

lessening or even eliminating its consequences.

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