Date of Submission

Spring 2013

Academic Program

Multidisciplinary Studies

Project Advisor 1

Susan Rogers

Project Advisor 2

David Shein

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Artist Statement

“Daddy Issues” started as an experiment in an Intro to Video class in 2011. Our assignment was to record an interview, and me being myself, decided to interview myself. The only difference was that the “myself” I played wasn't me at all, in fact it was a girl named Viki B.

Since then, Viki B. has turned into the main character of what is now “Daddy Issues,” my first television screenplay.

Following “Daddy Issues” I decided to write something new, giving birth to my next feature film script, “Double D-Listed.” There are very obviously similarities between the two, in fact, the main character of “Double D-Listed” works on the fictional show called “Daddy Issues.”

In a way, “Double D-Listed” is a spin off of “Daddy Issues,” with different characters and plot lines, but both exploring and parodying the overly glorified world of Hollywood.

Both stories follow aspiring writers and their twisted, absurd, and slightly disturbing routes to stardom.

I used these plot lines and characters to reflect a very relevant and modern issue – young, aspiring writers and their difficulties within the entertainment industry.

And of course, my way of exploring it was literally to attempt it; I sat here, an aspiring writer, hoping to one day follow the path of the characters I created.

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Creative Commons License
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