Date of Submission

Spring 2013

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Tim Davis

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I have been immersed in hunting culture all my life. My father leads safaris throughout Africa and guns have always been around, for both self-defense and hunting to provide meat for the camp. However, we are living in a time with a complex relationship to guns and hunting. Since I began this project, countless events have stoked the fire of public perception of guns to a fever pitch. And, of course, hunting and guns are essentially inseparable.

I hoped all along to shed some light on the true motivations of hunters. Whether they hope for a full freezer to hold them over the winter, a trophy for their wall, communion with nature, or dinner for that very night, the hunt occupies a much larger space in their lives than a mere hobby would. This project brought me into the lives of hunters from across the country, and the world. Throughout my travels, I discovered that each group of hunters, and even each individual within those groups, has their own preconceptions about what the hunt can afford them. These pictures show an unadulterated view of this lifestyle in a few of its many forms.

Hang Fire, the title, refers to an unexpected delay between the triggering of a firearm and the ignition of its projectile. That moment is virtually instantaneous, but in some cases it can linger, and this startling moment is what I have tried to capture. A flash of a usually unseen lifestyle, except by those who participate, is now preserved to be shared with those who would not otherwise have a chance to see it. I understand that some people will be quite shocked by the photos—each one is its own hang fire—but to the people immersed in the culture of hunting, these activities are as commonplace as a visit to the supermarket.

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