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Spring 2013

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Donna Grover

Abstract/Artist's Statement

In many of Hemingway’s works, the reader is presented with a character whether main or minor with an established, fractured emotional history, often times recollected by the manifestation of a physical wound. In my senior project, I want to explore these phenomena as it occurs and what it means for all readers of Hemingway. To this affect I will be using both A Farewell to Arms and more principally, The Sun Also Rises, as the principal texts to explore my question. While I will be using these two texts by Hemingway, I will also explore other of his shorter works in the same context, and possibly use include them for the sake of further elaborating on the phenomena of the wound, or for explorative purposes.

My exploration of the wound as it manifests in Hemingway’s texts is divided into two principal parts of research as of now: psychological and physical wounds in his works as well as the greater connotation of wounds in the literary world. The other is looking at sentimentality in his works, primarily focusing on how to approach the texts as sentimental works and how sentimentality works within the text to shape the reader’s perception and understanding of the text. A subcategory of focus is that of gender roles in the texts and the relationship to all the aforementioned. I say that it is a subcategory because while it may be a significant player in understanding the wound in Hemingway’s works, I do not want the project to focus extensively on this for fear that it may transform the intent of the Senior Project into something that it is not. Within the context of gender role, I will explore how the wound manifests itself in context of the female body as opposed to the masculine and the particular set of sentiments that help inform the reader as to how these wounds came to be.

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