Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Peggy Florin

Abstract/Artist's Statement

What it is that I believe in as an artist is moving and creating with integrity, beauty, and grace. Accessing this level of artistry originates from a tightly interwoven mind and body, obtained through living with breath and fluidity. As both choreographer and performer, it is most important for me to explore this relationship when materializing such an integrated experience. I’ve learned that attending to issues within the mind or the body allows for one to access that unity, that greater potential. This deep understanding comes from crafting one’s inner gifts and strength into something unique, whole, and self-sustaining. My intent as an artist is not to strive for or to create something disconnected and superior to my abilities and myself. For my most current works, I integrate my own struggles and explorations of my mind and body histories into the integrity of the pieces. For “A desert,” I was mostly curious about how one could try to stifle ones analytical and editing brain in order to have impulses that originate from a more physical history. I found that in trying to capture “pure” movement, one’s mind and body are truly never separated, but at times, one can learn to lead while the other follows. In “Elsewhere,” I very much integrate emotional reactions that I’ve had to the world due to my own personal anxiety disorder. I attempt to create a piece that is reflective of myself and yet identifiable as universally human. What it is that I venture to accomplish through both my choreography and my performing is to cultivate what I have inside of me and to share THAT with the world.

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