Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Judy Pfaff

Abstract/Artist's Statement


loop whole: artist statement April 14, 2012

by taylor deltz

I find myself drawn to material that has an infinite range of possibilities for use. Accumulating and then creating is where I find the real sense of joy in my artistic expression. An important aspect of my process is mastering an act, function, or simple skill. In this case, the folding of a single piece of paper has a personal meaning for me and adds its own small yet significant contribution to the finished product. In essence, I know that when I have assembled the sculpture I will have touched every loop as it comes together to complete the whole.

My life experiences and my willingness to be tenacious in pursuit of my goals are an essential component to my devotion to process. Process for me is meditative. I find that spending extended periods of time working alone with a singular type of material and then walking away with seemingly nothing to show for my efforts to be extremely valuable. I have found myself willing to be in an ”unknowing” state, content “knowing” that working with a chosen material allows for possibilities to reveal themselves. I have come to enjoy and rely on surrounding myself with a variety of people and rich material that stimulate and sustain my process. I can then go back to the solitude of my studio and filter out the clutter and continue to explore and develop my work, always mindful to keep the momentum moving forward.

When starting this piece I initially found inspiration in sunlight peeking through clouds. I wanted to recreate the feeling or illusion of columns, beams, or pillars of light. After beginning the installation I discovered a new host of possibilities. I became mesmerized with the cellular structure of beehives, the delicate accumulation of fish eggs floating on water, and the intersecting strands in the orb of a spider's web. The repetition and commonality between each individual piece comes together and works towards a greater whole. These thoughts quickly influence the shape and structure of the overall installation. A great deal of my sculptural work is about detail being hidden within. Each section has been worked upon and carefully manipulated to evoke discovery. I invite the viewer to explore the array of loops and curves and observe how they interact at every point. I would hope for the viewer to be drawn into the structure and become captivated by the intricacies of its patterns and designs.

While I can be very structured and compartmentalized in my work, I strive to remain free and explorative at the same time, hoping to create work that appears highly organized yet organic in it's execution and design. I am looking forward to always being open to and creating new ways to maintain process through all types of media. Loop Whole is the gateway to what I hope to be exploring for the rest of my artistic life.

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