Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Stephen Shore

Abstract/Artist's Statement

A photograph is a specter. Ghostly in its definition, it emanates present-ness, though it is certainly of the past. I have been searching for a definition to attach to this group of images, but I have found that the images are defining in themselves because of the scrutiny with which I have made them. These photographs represent my effort to create work that reflects the aspects of photography that I value most.

I’m interested in compositions that generate legible conversations between subjects, lines, and textures. I mean legible, not in terms of ease but rather in regard to clarity. These types conversations are interesting to me because of how the objects change once they are placed on top of, next to, or behind other objects.

I have grown to use structural boundaries as a way to transform rather than obstruct; using them not as a representation of enclosure, but as a device to describe our convoluted world of objects. I wonder what it would be like to see past the subject; to see things not for what they were when I had taken the picture, but for what they are now (as a photograph). Is there a difference? Can “things” change?

There are days when I go out for a couple hours to shoot and I only take one picture. It can be frustrating, but the fact is, I can only make pictures that I like under certain circumstances. Those days of looking and not finding what I “want“ have shown me that particularity is vital to my work. Like every person, I am not keen to everything. I have made it a necessity for each image to accurately reflect my interest in the chosen scene; that which excited me in the first place.

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