Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Nicola Lopez

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Internal Studies

Ali Medina

Deterioration is part of life. Illness has helped my understanding of deterioration. I suffer from a rare condition, which impairs the health of my digestive system. Often, to come to terms with the severity of this disorder, I have turned to meditation. My studio is my sanctuary. Meditation and my studio process have become a means to channel my anxiety, frustration, and pain. Art has allowed me to describe the indescribable sensations of my illness and the process of creation and decay.

Formally, my work explores various printmaking techniques; such as monoprinting and photogravure. In my current body of work, I have experimented with ink stains on mylar. The ink spills have allowed my drawings to be much more loose and gestural. When I work with ink and water there is an element of chance. It is a natural component within the drawing that I cannot control. I decided to use photogravure as a process of documentation and as a way to capture the spontaneous moments that occur within an organic form.

For my monoprint series, I utilize a variety of materials such as leaves, string, plastic bags etc. and I am able to generate a wide range of bodily textures. I use everyday materials to construct organic forms. These everyday objects ironically describe the complex nature of the organic form. My prints produce a mysterious and elusive sensation. My abstract forms are familiar. Initially, they look bodily; however, something about them is unusual. This juxtaposition between familiarity and unfamiliarity mimics the ambiguous and ephemeral feelings of my condition.

My most recent work specifically focuses on channeling the sensations of nausea. I intend to form a connection with my viewer. Through experiencing my work one should transcend their perceptions and begin to experience the psychological effects of illness. Art becomes a tool in which I can communicate with my audience. Together we can attempt to understand the complexities of my inner system and systems beyond it.

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