Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Ken Buhler

Abstract/Artist's Statement

“The starting point is the study of color and its effects on men”

- Wassily Kandinsky (1912), Concerning the Spiritual in Art.

I am interested in color, and through color, the creation of space and a sense of light. Organic structures and colors in my work breed an atmosphere of their own; the spaces created are my “realities.” The shapes and colors in my work are in constant dialogue with each other. These shapes – irregular, biomorphic, and geometric – rather than being an object or referring to one, collectively become a form, a consciousness. My work integrates recurrent patterns and nebulous spheres of colors and creates a space where forms are in flux. This fluidity advocates a graphic rhythm that echoes movement and the interrelatedness between all things.

My paintings are the manifestation of my imagined realm; they render a concrete space, abstract, but not limited to my imagination. The forms in my work create an image not of any specific place but of a moment in time or a constellation of moments. Because my painting process is so spontaneous and instinctive, I constantly converse with the concept of chance. My process explores the tension between chance and control, and I enjoy the uncertainty and spontaneity with which I work. Each piece becomes a new process for me where I begin to explore new possibilities. My work is spontaneous, buoyant, fluid, and unconstrained.

My paintings allude to both micro- and macroscopic spaces. They often evoke the sensation of cellular structures or cosmic star constellations. Viewers are confronted with the curiosity of whether they are observing a scene documented through a microscope or captured from an aerial view. While my paintings do not resolve this dilemma, I encourage the viewer to embrace and ponder upon the duality they create.

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