Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program

Film and Electronic Arts

Project Advisor 1

John Pruitt

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The question is originally “do you want me to change anything?” Later this transitions, at least partially, into a statement—“I think I’m going to change everything”—and near the end it becomes a promise: “I’ll change everything.”

Clearly, this is not only an issue of indecision but also of control. The director of the video, who speaks in my voice but is not quite me, would have the actress, as well as the movie in total, be a blank sheet of paper which could be despoiled without obstacle. I say “despoiled” but the director would not have made this decision. Our director is only tempted to use such words. The director vacillates, caught between an impulse to control and a desire to preserve—at bottom, perhaps, this is merely a fetishization of innocence.

What does it mean to have an idea of a person? ——or hasn’t this question been answered already? We are taught of the “other.” This “other,” however, seems far too contrived for my tastes. A person in a book or a film is something else, but I am also not convinced that one’s relationship to a fictional character—when such a relationship can really be said to exist—is all that different from the relationship which one would have with a living creature. This is not intended as some half-hearted expression of idealism. I am, at this moment, willing to confirm my belief in a particularly complex relationship between fiction and reality. Evidently, there is no novelty in this idea—it is also no longer novel to make inquiries concerning any sort of quest towards authenticity. This is not the first time I found myself with a new Lacy. Perhaps it is time to take a different approach.

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