Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program

Chemistry; Biology

Project Advisor 1

Craig Anderson

Project Advisor 2

Michael Tibbetts

Abstract/Artist's Statement

AH197 and IT127 are two novel compounds, containing both ruthenium(III) and platinum(II) centers, that are designed to incorporate the properties of established anticancer agents with different modes of action in their attack on cancer cells. The synthesis of hetero-multinuclear compounds as chemotherapeutic agents is an area that has not been explored extensively, though therapy utilizing a combination of different drugs is a common practice, especially in the treatment of advanced cancers. The goals of this project are to synthesize new compounds like AH197 and IT127, and to develop techniques that properly assess their potential as anticancer agents. The adducts of these compounds with serum proteins have been characterized by UV/visible as well as X-ray absorption spectroscopy, suggesting that adduct formation occurs via chloride substitution at ruthenium(III) centers, but not ruling out the reduction from ruthenium(III) to ruthenium(II). Assays of motility inhibition by these compounds in a breast cancer cell line, MDA-MB-231 have been performed as well as assays of electrophoretic mobility of DNA-compound adducts. While IT127 is shown to outperform the clinical cancer drug, cisplatin in inhibition of DNA mobility, AH197 shows great potential as an antimetastatic drug, in comparison to a ruthenium(III) drug in clinical trials, NAMI-A. It is clear that these compounds demonstrate good potential as anticancer agents with possibly low general toxicity, making them promising as selective chemotherapeutics.

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