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Spring 2012

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Emily McLaughlin

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Photochemical reactions attract the attention of scientists due to their synthetic applications and waste reduction. A major drawback of the photochemical reaction, however, is lack of stereocontrol. Recent reports have outlined progress in the development of enantioselective photochemical reactions through intermolecular host-guest pairings in solution utilizing structurally complex lactam compounds as catalysts. An intriguing alternative to the synthetically challenging lactam scaffolds is employing thiourea derivatives to activate and influence enantioselectivity through hydrogen bonding. Despite the emergence of thiourea substrates as catalyst templates in a wide variety of synthetically useful carbon-carbon bond forming processes, the application of thioureas in photochemical transformations has been largely untouched. Current research has focused on synthesizing model thiourea compounds, determining thiourea stability under ultraviolet light, and ultimately investigating their influence on the enantioselectivity of [2 + 2] intermolecular and intramolecular photoaddition reactions.

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