Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Erica Lindsay

Project Advisor 2

James Bagwell

Abstract/Artist's Statement

What happens to all the information our senses perceive in our daily lives? Our conscious minds absorb a miniscule amount of what we see, touch, feel, hear and smell, but what happens in our unconscious mind is a mystery. If we were able to enter into this unconscious mind, what would we find? Furthermore, what would we find in the corner of the mind; the forgotten part of our unconscious? Perhaps it is a compilation of the “randomness” we see everyday. Perhaps it is in our mind's corner that our darkest threats to our conscious mind lay, so threatening to our mental health that even our unconscious shoves it in the corner. Regardless, the information is still there, somehow influencing the rest of this sanctuary called mind.

This is the concept of my musical project that will be performed on May 8th, 2012 at 9:15 pm. What this concept means to me musically I would rather not share. I am a musician and the composer of all the music in my project, so for me to sit and write about it would be a futile attempt for my art is a sonic one, not a written one. I play music because I express things that I cannot express in words, so the idea of an artist statement for my music is foolish in my opinion. Detailed artist statements are disclaimers to the art being presented and tend to direct the audience towards the artist's intention by using a different artistic medium than the one initially presented. Perhaps the most accurate artist statement I can provide is a copy of my scores, which can be analyzed in terms of theory and orchestration. But because I don't write my music for the theoretical analysis but rather for emotional stimulus, I urge anyone who is interested in my art to come to the show and be part of the audio-visual experience I will try to create. How one reacts to my music is special to each individual for it is a response to the sound based on the context of the individual and his or her mental state, from the conscious mind all the way to the mind's corner.

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