Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Peggy Florin

Project Advisor 2

Leah Cox

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Swimming in Curiosity: No llores, ella dijo. (Don’t cry, she said)

…Listen, my silent composition is our vision

I am someone who is curious and because of this curiosity I find myself amidst many challenges. I am curious as to who I am and what I am capable of; I am curious about my thoughts and what influences them, and I am curious about movement, thinking in movement while simultaneously creating it. I am curious about the personal and impersonal; what do we consist of? I believe that personal experiences can shape and influence my creative process; this is what I worked with closely while creating both my pieces. I pulled personal experiences from my mother and texts from various books regarding the beauty and complexity that is life. As a dancer and choreographer I enjoy exploring how these experiences and texts evoke emotions and how these emotions then influence the creation of movement. Our surroundings are more important to us than we think; so are our sensations for they are the energy source to choreographing. I dance because I love that it allows me to use my feelings and express them through movement, and I create to share the thoughts and history that fill my body and mind. While creating I like to acknowledge the people in my life. I like to create work that will resonate with them and work that is inspired by specific memories and experiences with them. The beauty of dance and creation is something that I believe must be shared with our surroundings in a way that further exposes the arts to those unfamiliar with it. I trust that by using the world around me to influence my work my audience will be able to further understand what I believe in and what I am doing. I want to be in conversation with the audience and allow them to perceive my work through this dialogue. I do not seek to impress the audience, but to create something that resonates with them and keeps them in conversation with my work. I believe that words carry histories, memories, and fears within them and I am drawn to exploring how they can be translated into movement. For me, words provide many meanings and mini stories and a text provides a larger story while dealing with many complexities. I am curious about the relationship words have between cultural histories and the individuality that comes along with them. I enjoy exploring how these histories influence the way we move in space, and how our bodies move and communicate with others. I am interested in where I and you and they and we all come from.

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