Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program

Written Arts

Project Advisor 1

Bradford Morrow

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The announcement has come: the earth will stop spinning much sooner than expected. As the earth creeps to a halt, the oceans shift, forcing the human world of careful delineations to re-think itself, to move and migrate in a strange new order that seems to offer only ends and no beginnings. Navigating these new waters is Callidora Schiffer, a weathered young woman well versed in what she views as the absurdities of human coping. Forced by the fact of the shifting oceans, “Callie” journeys to the east coast in order to convince her father to move away from his home and from the onslaught of the coming water. Callie’s rescue mission quickly falls apart as the waters bear down on her, and instead of rescuing her father, Callie must learn how to begin to come to terms with the absurd reality she has been thrust into. At the edge of the world, somewhere in New York, Callie, her devilish friend Zeb, her Faulkner-loving father, and the animals of the Schiffer Animal Haven wait for an answer that seems hidden just beyond the horizon.

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Creative Commons License
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