What Can I 'ng?

Dorian DeAngelo, Bard College

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I performed a concert of original material and created a compact disc of recordings. I composed and rehearsed two pieces for the purpose of performing them at my Senior Concert. I wrote parts for electric guitar, electric bass, trap drums, voices, and synthesizer. These parts were then carefully transmitted to four fellow musicians in order to be realized live in concert. The third piece I performed was an improvisational event between old friends. I tried, above all, to promote a good attitude in which everyone was trying their very best as well as being mindful of the audience and one another.

I recorded, almost entirely on my own, a collection of songs on compact disc which were emotionally and thematically connected to one another. I recorded guitar, bass, drum, vocal, and synthesizer parts one by one. I engineered the sounds of each instrument, especially the synthesizers, wrote/arranged the parts, and packaged it all for consumption.

I hope that these songs/pieces I have set forth will affect others the way that my favorite music affects me. I wish to please and refresh others. So much happens to me, my friends, and people I don't know each and every moment. My music is basically a reaction to all of this, although to say so really seems misleading. I create music that is asking to be created. Anything in this wild world seems to contain opposing elements balanced harmoniously against all odds. Perhaps people will find themselves confronted with such contradictions upon experiencing my music, or maybe they'll simply find it to be good-humored.

Throughout my life, I have been deeply inspired by music. I have amassed a large collection of compact-disc albums, which, for me, seems to have proven the most effective vehicle for music appreciation. I can choose easily to skip though a compact disc or allow it to play in its pre-set order, and I hope my will be enjoyed as either part of a longer piece (the compact-disc album in its entirety) or skipped between to exist as isolated songs. I hope that people will want to rip it onto their computers and burn more copies for their friends, or bring it into their (or their friend's) automobiles for any desired length of travel.

I aim for reasonable music that is unfiltered, concise, and enjoyable even in these troubled times.