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Spring 2011

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Beth Gershuny

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Research conducted for this project is based upon a literature review of studies on women in the military and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In addition to the review of literature that delves into the associations between female military personnel and PTSD, I created a historical overview of women’s place in the military. This was in order to better understand what circumstances and situations military women face, in particular with the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The goal of this literature review was to shed light on the variables and risk pathways that are specific to women in the military developing PTSD. My critical analysis of the literature is integrated with the results reported, which include factors present pre-, peri-, and post-deployment, and additional focus on in-service sexual trauma. Following this I conclude with my personal, informed, interpretations of the findings, my suggestions for possible risk pathways, and the implications and limitations of my project

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