Date of Submission

Fall 2023

Academic Program

Sociology; Africana Studies

Project Advisor 1

Jomaira Salas Pujols

Abstract/Artist's Statement

In this project, I observe how Black folks and students of color interact with Black cultural production within cultural and educational historically white institutions. Black spatial thinkers such as JT Roane have theorized that when Black folks listen deeply to the environment endowed to them (often considered uninhabitable or hostile land), the community finds ways to make it accessible to their social life. Within historically white spaces, focusing on culture or education, the presence of Black attendees and students earns the space diversity capital. My project aims to trace the ways in which Black attendees and students carve out places within institutionalized spaces that have been historically hostile to their community. Throughout my research I observed how often these interactions with Black cultural production within institutionalized spaces are often an interruption to the cultural capital exchange. I then further explore the significance of the interruption to the students of color on a historically white campus which reveals the need for further institutional support. My project then maps the interruptive performances used to interact with Black cultural production. The project aims to explore the intentions behind the need for diversity and how that impacts the cultural capital Black attendees and students of color are able to explore within historically white spaces.

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