Date of Submission

Fall 2023

Academic Program

Middle Eastern Studies

Project Advisor 1

Ziad Dallal

Project Advisor 2

Dina Ramadan

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Senior project submitted to the Division of Social Studies of Bard College.

The fusion of Arabic music and jazz has been surging in recent years, especially with the rise of global music streaming platforms yielding increased accessibility to different art forms and traditions of music. Musicians approach this "fusion" from a variety of angles and musical backgrounds, depending on their goals, training and vision unique to their own context. This paper examines the work of four Arab and Arab American musicians who create music that can be considered a fusion of Arabic music and jazz, investigating the music making process and the approaches of the artists to reconciling these traditions of music, as well as their intentions and goals in the contexts in which they are producing art.

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Middle Eastern approaches (T. Marcus).pdf (57 kB)
Appendix A

Appendix B_ Understanding and Notating Rhythm.pdf (79 kB)
Appendix B

Chananyan 1 (1).m4a (5399 kB)
Chamamyan 1

Cham 2-22 piano solo (1).m4a (6797 kB)
Chamamyan 2

Chamamyan 3.m4a (3716 kB)
Chamamyan 3

Chamamyan 4 تقسيم على القانون.m4a (1992 kB)
Chamamyan 4

Bali Maak.m4a (2458 kB)
Chamamyan, "Baali Maak", live

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