Date of Submission

Fall 2023

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Betsy Clifton

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Architecture, as the art and/or practice of designing and constructing buildings, offers an often overlooked array of representational devices that, as tested within this senior project, prove significant in reframing geopolitical perspectives in a manner that circumvents the limitations of metaphorization. The physical products and results of architectural design are the built objects that facilitate and coordinate socio-political spaces, yet it is the spatially descriptive process of architectural design itself in representing built relationships that can be valuable in constructing provocative and experimental investigations of present and future spatial environments.This project focuses on a tripartite of present-day global issues: food sovereignty in the hierarchical landscape of a globalized economy, the delicate network that carries these commodified and crucial foodsorts, and the embedded interrelationship of armed conflict and war. Focusing on the Tigray War in northern Ethiopia and its intertwined relationship with the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, these two case studies become the heart of a project that aims to visualize geopolitical relationships through a translation into the spatial language of architecture.

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