Date of Submission

Fall 2023

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Michael Cohen

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Our architecture is becoming more and more abstract; financial speculation, square-footage, zoning, taken-for-granted shapes, and the repetition of trivially differentiated prefabricated components represent an increasingly (supposedly) adequate description of our architecture - a description largely divorced from the lived reality of its social inhabitation or, in other words, what it means to us and how we use it. Meanwhile, the extraction of more new materials and the production of more, new, and different buildings has always been unsustainable. A practice is needed that reverses and resists this force of abstraction and that does not involve new construction but instead involves creative and transformative engagements with our existing architecture. This project argues that epigraphy, or graffiti, points to the sort of practice we need - one that makes and maintains constitutive links between our perception of space and the lived realities of its social inhabitation. This is achieved through a short introductory text and the architectural documentation of two sites in Pompeii. The project is presented in the form of a book to be exhibited at the Bard Architecture open house following submission.

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