Date of Submission

Fall 2023

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Franz Nicolay

Abstract/Artist's Statement

With immense pride, I present a collection of ten songs woven from the threads of my musical influences, personal wisdom, and artistic explorations, guided by the invaluable mentorship of Franz Nicolay.

This journey began long before the formal recording during my senior year at Bard. A visceral vision resonated within me, the melodies echoing in the depths of my mind. However, the path wasn't devoid of hurdles. Intense imposter syndrome, and self-doubt in its various forms, forced me to re-evaluate my direction. In many ways, separating myself from the work became the key to uncovering the most authentic approaches.

Through introspection, I realized the crucial role of meticulous lyricism and phrasing. Each word became a brushstroke, painting vivid imagery and conveying emotions with the utmost care. This dedication unlocked a deeper understanding of the songs, paving the way for their true potential to unfold. The decisions woven into the album's fabric reflect a deliberate desire to share my artistic vision with the world. While the music flowed effortlessly from my imagination, the lyrics demanded careful consideration and refinement.

Bringing these songs to life led me to discover a profound connection between my inner world and the unfolding melodies. Composing became an organic expression, a natural translation of the sounds that had simmered within my creative consciousness for a long. Crafting the lyrics and carefully considering how to express them played a pivotal role. As I immersed myself in the musical process, a seamless connection emerged between my creative endeavors and the melodic landscapes residing within me. This entire journey demanded my dedication and propelled me towards unforeseen paths of exploration.

I recorded North of the Red Sea entirely on a digital 8-track. I wanted to capture a specific immediacy in these songs. I wanted to make it feel as if I were right there singing and exploring these stories right in front of you.

Throughout the intricate process, I discovered an innate harmony between my thoughts and the unfolding melodies. The act of composing became an organic expression of the sounds that had long lingered within my imagination. The challenges encountered along the way only heightened the authenticity of the musical narrative, pushing me to explore uncharted artistic territories.

North of the Red Sea feels like a foundation for future ventures. They are the tangible manifestation of my artistic journey, a testament to the transformative power of dedicated work and materialized ideas. This realization instills a sense of continuity and forward momentum on my artistic path.

This experience has yielded invaluable insights into the symbiotic relationship between intention, expression, and the transformative power of creative exploration. It has become abundantly clear that when these elements are thoughtfully interwoven, they transcend the boundaries of mere musical composition, culminating in something profoundly meaningful.

I invite you to embark on a journey, to navigate the musical landscapes of North of the Red Sea Let the melodies wash over you, and allow the lyrics to resonate with your inner world. May this album serve as a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression, a reminder that even the most personal journeys can resonate with the universal human experience.

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