Date of Submission

Fall 2022

Academic Program

Global and International Studies

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Michelle Murray

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By holding great economic power over smaller states and justifying it by saying they are helping modernize them, the U.S. leaves many countries cleaning up a mess they helped make. The Washington Consensus failed systematically largely because of its failure to understand development in developing countries. The objective of these policies were to increase GDP in Argentina, yet economic growth favored the wealthy which led to more poverty, inequality and unemployment. The responsibility to promote democratic and equitable development, as well as sustained increases in living standards, was completely neglected. Why did U.S. policy fail to deliver on its goals? This research is valuable because Argentina is a prime example of how the U.S. has used its structural power to reduce the role of states in the economy, while encouraging privatization and dismantling economic protectionism. In this paper, I focus on Argentina as a country that has been burned by the U.S., in order to pose a critique of how the U.S. unfairly exerts power over other nations.

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