Date of Submission

Fall 2019

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Art History

Project Advisor 1

Patricia Karetzky

Abstract/Artist's Statement

It took extra time for Xi’an to arrange and build its subway system, as it was interrupted by numbers of ancient sites and tombs underground. The government typically replaced the old with the new. It was not easy to commodify a ruined palace from the Han dynasty, rather than a brand-new building. Contradictorily, under the fast transitioning of architecture, those new creations barely embrace the soft power that is imperative for the city. Nevertheless, the best remediation is to build a museum that holds the relics, represents history, and has a stylish look. Additionally, the museum plays a crucial role in soft power, that complements a national identity and evokes citizen’s patriotism through the artifacts and architecture itself, and further communicates to the world as a diplomatic agent.

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