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Fall 2018

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Historical Studies

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Sean McMeekin

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This paper explores the lives of Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar, following their journey from young Patricians to their clash on the plains of Pharsalus in Greece. The reason for this is to find why it was that Caesar was victorious over Pompey, evaluating their skills as both politicians and military leaders.

Part one follows Pompey and looks at his sudden rise to prominence as a skilled general at a young age, and his tumultuous political career after retiring from military life. Part two explores the life of Caesar; his more traditional rise in comparison to Pompey, his sudden awakening as a military behemoth in Gaul, and his less celebrated return to Italy. Finally, part three goes over the events of the Roman Civil War, starting with Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon and ending with the Battle of Pharsalus. Part three synthesizes the themes of the other two, showing how Pompey was well suited to deal with Caesar’s tactics, but his political failings led him into an undesired decisive battle.

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