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Fall 2017

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Chris LaFratta

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We present combined direct-laser-writing and UV Lithography in SU-8F and S1813 as a fast and flexible lithographic technique for the prototyping of functional polymer devices and pattern transfer applications. Direct laser writing (DLW), which is performed by focusing a laser through a microscope objective, is a useful alternative method for patterning photoresists with sub-micron resolution. DLW however, can be time consuming if the pattern density is high since it is a serial technique. Typically, dense patterns are made using conventional mask-based UV lithography, but these masks can be quite expensive if the resolution is high and the mask cannot be modified once created. Here, we combine UV lithography using inexpensive transparency masks, which have modest resolution of about 20 µm linewidths, with DLW to create smaller features. By using the laser to augment an inexpensive mask, high resolution prototypes can be created, tested, and modified quickly to optimize a design. Here we show that this Laser Augmented Microlithographic Patterning (LAMP) method works with both positive- and negative-tone photoresists, S1813 and SU-8, respectively. The laser written features can be registered to within 2.2 µm of the mask created features and we demonstrate the applicability of LAMP by fabricating an interdigitated electrode and a microfluidic device that can capture an array of dozens of silica beads or living cells.

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