Date of Submission

Fall 2016

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Project Advisor 1

Garry Hagberg

Project Advisor 2

Daniel Berthold

Abstract/Artist's Statement

If I asked you what was your favorite book? Who was your favorite actor? Or which candy did you like the most? You would answer; furthermore support your response with reason. That reason would be the philosophical aspect of your response. However, even if I, also with reason, refuted your argument, there’d still be this spark of ‘just because’ in you, and that is what I want to dedicate my project to – that little sparkle of ‘just because’ – little inner faith, belief, and ambiguous attraction that we have towards things.

Philosophy asks for practice. It is something that requires us to bestow ourselves to; therefore, everything we argue for needs to have our utmost belief in it. All the conceptions should be supported with our heart and soul along with reason. Freedom is no exception. As much as I find freedom to be autonomous, and it being personal to us, I do believe that no matter what kind of a stance do we take upon it, we really need to believe in all: freedom, our understanding of it, and ourselves. Only then are all of our reasons for liking this or that type valid.

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