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Fall 2016

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Christopher N. LaFratta

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The goal of this project is to create a new methodology of micro-patterning solid gold on non-conductive substrates in a single process. This technique combines photochemical reduction and electroplating, with the objective of minimizing the negative attributes of both techniques. Metal is easily photochemically reduced to solid metal from solution, however the resulting bulk metal may have defects in continuity leading to a high resistance. On the other hand, electroplated metals are usually continuously smooth and therefore better conductors. However several steps are necessary to create a pattern with this method. The proposed technique is Microscopic Photochemical LAser Traced Electrodeposition (μPLATE). This technique separates the energy requirements of plating gold species between a laser and an electrochemical cell. Therefore the final patterned material will have the desired material properties of bulk electroplated material, namely increased conductivity, while retaining the benefit of localized reactivity in the focal point of the laser. The work presented bellow studies the effect of the laser power, voltage of the electrochemical system, and the heating of the active solutions. Studying these experimental variables will shed light on their influence in the μPLATE project.

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