Date of Submission

Fall 2015

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Computer Science

Project Advisor 1

Keith O'Hara

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Robots are becoming more popular, both industrially and commercially. As new robots are created, designers must choose whether to tether to a primary computer. Many robots used in an introductory computing context, like the Scribbler robot and Fluke attachment, are tethered. Untethering educational robots is the next step in improving the way robots are used in CS-1. This project aims to demonstrate the advantages of untethered robots, using the Scribbler robot and Fluke singleboard computer attachment as a model. We developed the Phyro library to make programming an untethered Scribbler and Fluke easier for students. By comparing program performance and function execution time, it is shown that Phyro on an untethered Scribbler and Fluke can match and in some cases even outperform a tethered Scribbler and Fluke.

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