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Fall 2015

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Norton Batkin

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This project seeks to contextualize the iconic philosophical questions regarding skepticism, object existence, perception, and emotion, within the discourse of ordinary language philosophy. Aided by Wittgenstein, Austin, and Cavell, I argue for the non existence of objects-in-themselves. This provides the scaffolding for an examination of perception and emotion unhindered by a reliance on, or appeal to, the so-called 'objective world.' Recognizing the influence exerted by language over our conscious experience, I argue for an ordinary-language formulation of embodied cognition. With this in mind, I demonstrate the philosophical implications of such a picture through the canonical problem of 'other minds.' Ultimately this project attempts to consolidate a worldview wherein the problems of skepticism, truth, and other minds are dissolved as linguistic distortions. In the case of other minds, this carries the thesis that our behavior is honest and that we are capable of seeing the emotion of others, as much as we see the words on this page.

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