Date of Submission

Fall 2012

Academic Program

Film and Electronic Arts; Human Rights

Project Advisor 1

Maria Cecire

Project Advisor 2

Jacquline Goss

Abstract/Artist's Statement

As all projects, whether it be art or research, begin with a concept, idea, or opinion that triggers both the curiosity and expression, so just has this endeavor began, it has ended on a completely new, transformed concept, idea and opinion. Only I can trace the beginning to the end through my notes, figures and drawings, connecting one stream of thought to the next. Art is a malleable process, whose shape is determined over time, till completion and even after. From the finished product, one loses the origin from which it began, while also losing the unrelated tangents that my have subconsciously informed the following but remain un-cited and unreported. Of course this close reading covers the intentions behind my decisions, but whether or not it is communicated to the viewer, I can only hope. It is my true belief that art should need no explanation, and although I have explained myself in these brief pages, I hope they are unnecessary to my viewers. I hope it can stand as is, and still spark yet another concept, idea, or opinion.

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Creative Commons License
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