Date of Submission

Winter 2010


Kelly Reichardt

Abstract/Artist's Statement

My film is called "Abridged." It is a narrative about a songwriter living in a house with more successful musicians who is unfulfilled and underappreciated. He is called by his sister, who is also a more successful singer-songwriter) who is in need of a bassist and drummer to play on her new cd. The main character fulfills both of these roles and as such accompanies her to the studio to make the album. On the way, he realizes that his sister has been dating the producer of the album, who it turns out is in his forties. This distresses the main character, and the film ends with him realizing his position of third wheel in the recording situation. The point I'm trying to make with it is that there are many musicians and artists who's work is 'abridged' by the overwhelming amount of art being created today.

Written and directed by Quinn Murphy. Starring Benji Marx and Georgina Kronfeld. Run time: 11 minutes.

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