At Home

Date of Submission

Fall 2010

Academic Program

Film and Electronic Arts


Peggy Ahwesh

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Young couple, David and Frances, move into an apartment together in mid-coast Maine. Sharing a mutual feeling of discontent with their present circumstances, they seek fulfillment in their relationship with each other. As they begin to find they are searching for very different things, their clashing modes of escapism cause their relationship to begin to disintegrate. With their relationship in turmoil, David and Frances block out the outside world, leaving them isolated. Unable to move forward, they remain in a transitory state, shackled by their own despondence and lack of motivation. “Heimweh,” is the German word for "homesickness," and "fernweh" is the opposite, literally meaning "far sickness." "Fernweh" is not a desire for travel but an "ache for distance." Neither David nor Frances have any real idea of what they want, but rather what they don't want; the feeling of "fernweh" acts as a mental wall that keeps them from finding contentment in where they are, and equally prevents them from moving forward.

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