Anthony Ellenbogen, '82 (BardCorps)


Anthony Ellenbogen, '82 (BardCorps)


Anthony Ellenbogen


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"Every once in awhile I'll be loading a dumpster and one of my workers will say, 'Boy, it's a good thing that you spent all that money at Bard for an education.' And I think to myself, it may not be obvious, but it is worth it; it's why they're working for me and I'm not working for them."


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Economics Major


Helene Tieger, '85


Ellenbogen recalls coming to Bard as a photography major and leaving with a degree in economics; taking high level math classes along with art classes; playing the clarinet in Luis Garcia Renart's Performance class; meeting his wife Kristina Mickelson, '83; becoming friends with Dick Wiles and Joe Morreale in the Economics Department; not 'fitting the bill' of the typical Bard student; playing softball as the founder and captain of the Master Batters; working part time as an economics tutor, and for B&G; the library as the best place on campus to take naps; and very heavy smoking on campus. He has childhood memories of visiting campus with his mother Kit Ellenbogen, '52; the Blithewood pool with the waterfall and mosquitos the 'size of sparrows'; free orange soda at Blithewood picnics. He lived on campus for four years; and recalls a fire in his dorm, which was one of the Ravines. He regrets that there was no serious gym or student center, and that the small size of the school meant that a student's interest in a particular field was dependent on hitting it off with the personality of the department head. He has come to appreciate Leon Botstein and everything that Bard has become because of him. Overall, Bard was the 'right fit.'


Kristin (Mickelson) Ellenbogen, '83, Dick Wiles, Luis Garcia Renart, Joe Morreale, Leon Botstein, Ravines


BardCorps trailer, main campus.

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Anthony Ellenbogen, '82 (BardCorps)