Charles Friou '46


Charles Friou '46


Charles Friou '46


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“Some of the courses had horrendous reading lists. I remember sitting in Albee one night, like 3 o’clock in the morning, trying to read a novel that had to be finished by the next morning. And Dean Gray walks in, and says, “Oh hi, I just wondered why the lights were on!” It was that kind of intimate, personal, environment that we were in.”


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Social Studies Major, Religion Major


Barbara Crane Wigren, '68; David Avallone, '68


Charles Friou was a social studies and religion major at Bard and his interview reveals him to be a person of deep social conscience. His years at Bard coincided with U.S. involvement in WWII, and the College found it could not survive without additional revenue. Thus, in 1943 the Army Specialized Training Program was created to instruct young soldiers in needed areas. Friou worked in the library and frequently helped GIs with research for projects. He recalls, “I probably learned more as a student librarian under Felix Hirsch than in any one single course.” The college also increased its numbers by admitting women in 1944--a welcome change. The full interview illustrates Charles’ response to these transitions, and includes as well a moving segment of Charles’ memories of the émigré faculty of the time. After graduating from Bard, Friou went on to Yale Divinity School and a career in social justice.


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Charles Friou '46