Jennifer Dewsnap '88 (BardCorps)


Jennifer Dewsnap '88 (BardCorps)


Jennifer Dewsnap '88


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“My first year, I lived in Tewksbury and it was very loud and there were a lot of people practicing various instruments. And there was a girl next door who kept lighting candles and putting things on fire and I would get really upset about it.”


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Historical Studies; American Studies


Helene Tieger '85, Marna MacGregor '14


Jennifer Dewsnap, class of ‘88 tells of choosing Bard, her safety school, because she fell in love with the campus. She shares stories of her uncle, Professor Terence Dewsnap, and of living on campus in Tewksbury. Jennifer notes that people would become exempt from living on campus by getting a doctor’s note saying that they couldn’t eat the food at Kline. She loved L&T, and began her time here as a psychology major, but switched to American studies after a statistics course did not go well. She talks of her exchange year at Vassar, which inspired her to complete a senior project on the life of Dorothy Day. She also speaks about the jobs she held, both on campus and during summer breaks, and the life choices that eventually led to her becoming a librarian.


Bard; SAT; Terence “Teri” Dewsnap; Kay Dewsnap; University of Wisconsin; Tewksbury; Blithewood; Levy Economics Institute; L&T; Kline Commons; August; Ayn Rand; Stone Row; Mary Kelly; Dee Kelly; Mark Lytle; Vassar; Dorothy Day; House of Hospitality; Tivoli, New York; Catholic Worker; Manhattan, New York; Avery; Center for Curatorial Studies; Woodstock, New York; Chrysler Building; Nantucket, Massachusetts; Miami, Florida; San Francisco, California; Facebook; Puget Sound, Washington; Pacific Ocean; Hawaii; New York


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Jennifer Dewsnap '88 (BardCorps)