Michael Shafer, '66 (BardCorps)


Michael Shafer, '66 (BardCorps)


Michael Shafer


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Reamer Kline had to make a speech at one point to a little demonstration about 'the woods.' "Those of you who want to do what you do at Bard, there's a facility: it's the woods. Go do it in the woods." He had a great sense of humor.


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Philosophy; Religion


Paul Margolis '76


Reverend Michael Shafer, '66, never considered himself the college type until his time in the Navy led him to find God and the desire to better himself. In this interview, he reflects on his time at Bard, on the teachers who inspired him, and on the types of people and ideas he was exposed to at Bard. Rev. Shafer also shares anecdotes about meeting his wife Johanna, about the town residents' reactions to Bard students during the sixties, and Bard's sports teams, some of which were booed by their own fans.


Marjorie Gifford, Henry Scott '64, Ward Manor, Robbins House, Stone Row, The Chapel, Ludlow, Fritz Shafer '37, Alfred North Whitehead, Eugen Kullmann, David Pierce, Clair Leonard, Rosa Bach, Bard Hall, Blythe Danner '65, Chevy Chase '68, Red Hook, Tivoli, Caroline Petty, Seraphic Doctor Scholarship, St. Francis of Assisi, Jesse Barlow '14, Pine Plains, Church of the Regeneration, Johanna Shafer '67, Maine, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr., Winter Field Movement, Adolph's, Bob Dylan, Down the Road, Manus "Daniel" Pinkwater '64, Reamer Kline, Leon Botstein, Stanfordville, Charles Patrick


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Michael Shafer, '66 (BardCorps)