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Jonathan Cann



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"Even the bad days here...were part of a larger interesting story. I wouldn't do anything different."

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Asian Studies Major


Helene Tieger, '85


Jonathan Cann remembers finding Bard through his guidance counselor in Westwood, NJ; recognizing in the student body the community he had been looking for; wanting to explore, experiment and ask questions; beginning Bard as a Creative Writing major and focusing on Taoism and classical Chinese fiction as an Asian Studies major; self-publishing stories since the age of 16; learning to unpack meaning and choose words carefully under Peter Sourian; becoming involved with the Queer-Straight Alliance in his senior year; experiencing Bard from the different perspectives of four different dorms; looking through the branches of a particular tree at the Catskills every morning from Robbins; turning his creative writing experience at Bard into a career in New York; the last Drag-Race, that "had an attendance greater than the entire roster of students at the school"; the amalgamation of Bard bands and different sounds; leaving the school the person he had wanted to become.


Bruce Knickerbocker, Peter Sourian, Li-Hua Ying, Queer-Straight Alliance, Leonard, Keene, Sycamore, Robbins, Bard Drag Race, the Old Gym, Mother Ming, the Foundations, Spring Fling, Bardstock, YIKES, the Josh Tyler Band


BardCorps Trailer, Main Campus.

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Jonathan Cann, '06 (BardCorps)