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News From Nowhere, Issue 1, April 27, 1972

“Trustees Affirm Simon’s Rock Future” [article] [Board of Trustees vote for new school president: Baird Whitlock, Graham Anderson; plans for regular meetings with Board, faculty, and staff: Connie Buchana, Terry Kaelber, George Richardson, Mel Wilk, Chappie Bowie, Andrea Doukas; new Chairman of the Board elected: Roman Smoluchowski, Laura Butler], pp. 1 and 4

Chappie Bowie, “Students and Trustees” [article], pp. 1 and 3

“Strike!” [opinion], p. 1

Jan Staller, “Goin’ To The Dogs…” [opinion], pp. 1-3

Natalie Harper, “Confessions of Admissions” [article] [increase in future freshman class: Ms. Harper, Mr. Alford, Miss Young, Ms. Leibrick, Mr. Biber, Mr.Besserer, Mr. Chandler, Ms. Handelman], p. 2

Peter Alford, “Pecunieary Succor” [article] [changes in financial aid and scholarships], p. 3

“Search Committee” [announcement], p. 3

“Sports Score” [announcement], p. 3

“Quotes to Remember” [reprinted quote], p. 3

Torry Kaelby, “Work-Study Program” [opinion], pp. 4-5 and 7

“Odds and Ends” [article], p. 4

“Help!” [announcement], p. 4

“Dear Graydon… B.S..,E.E.” [letters], p. 6

“Wanted” [announcement], p. 7

“Do You Think You Could Do This?” [article], p. 7

[editorial credits] [editors: Missy Collingwood and Jacques; staff: D. Parkers], p. 7

“This Is The Article That Did Not Appear In Full In The School Newspaper] [opinion] [call for May 1 and 4 strike in protest of war], p. 8

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Bard College at Simon's Rock


Great Barrington


Board of Trustees, "Graydon", Alford, Bowie, Collingwood, Harper, Kaelby, Parkers, Staller, Alford, Anderson, Besserer, Biber, Bowie, Buchana, Butler, Chandler, Doukas, Handelman, Harper, Kaelber, Leibrick, Richardson, Smoluchowski, Whitlock, Wilk, Young

April 27, 1972, No. 1