April 27, 1972, No. 1

April 27, 1972, No. 1

Bard College at Simon's Rock


News From Nowhere, Issue 1, April 27, 1972

“Trustees Affirm Simon’s Rock Future” [article] [Board of Trustees vote for new school president: Baird Whitlock, Graham Anderson; plans for regular meetings with Board, faculty, and staff: Connie Buchana, Terry Kaelber, George Richardson, Mel Wilk, Chappie Bowie, Andrea Doukas; new Chairman of the Board elected: Roman Smoluchowski, Laura Butler], pp. 1 and 4

Chappie Bowie, “Students and Trustees” [article], pp. 1 and 3

“Strike!” [opinion], p. 1

Jan Staller, “Goin’ To The Dogs…” [opinion], pp. 1-3

Natalie Harper, “Confessions of Admissions” [article] [increase in future freshman class: Ms. Harper, Mr. Alford, Miss Young, Ms. Leibrick, Mr. Biber, Mr.Besserer, Mr. Chandler, Ms. Handelman], p. 2

Peter Alford, “Pecunieary Succor” [article] [changes in financial aid and scholarships], p. 3

“Search Committee” [announcement], p. 3

“Sports Score” [announcement], p. 3

“Quotes to Remember” [reprinted quote], p. 3

Torry Kaelby, “Work-Study Program” [opinion], pp. 4-5 and 7

“Odds and Ends” [article], p. 4

“Help!” [announcement], p. 4

“Dear Graydon… B.S..,E.E.” [letters], p. 6

“Wanted” [announcement], p. 7

“Do You Think You Could Do This?” [article], p. 7

[editorial credits] [editors: Missy Collingwood and Jacques; staff: D. Parkers], p. 7

“This Is The Article That Did Not Appear In Full In The School Newspaper] [opinion] [call for May 1 and 4 strike in protest of war], p. 8