Date of Award

Spring 2023




Fernando Rios-Avila, PhD


The Universal Child Care Act recently proposed in the New York State Senate would begin the creation of a universal child care system in New York State. This would involve a large scale-up of child care service supply, precipitating a large increase in employment in the child care sector, while increasing wages for jobs in that sector. Who will benefit from these new jobs and wages? We use the Levy Institute Micro Model (LIMM) to simulate the distribution of these new jobs and wages to the population of New York State. Two econometric contributions are made to the LIMM which improve dispersion and result in allocations which are more representative of predicted likelihood distributions. The distribution of jobs and wages is found to be highly income-progressive, making it an effective pro-equity and anti-poverty measure. The distribution of jobs and wages favors women, especially women of color, across the state.

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